Phase One Enterprise is one of the leading online marketing companies based in California. At Phase One Enterprise, we specialize in the field of Internet Marketing Services including Social Media Management, Web Development, Business Card Design, Multimedia Presentations, and more.

At Phase One Enterprise we are fully committed to provide efficient, effective and on time services to our customers. In this highly competitive market, you cannot ignore the power of Internet Marketing and an Online web presence. Please contact Phase One Enterprise for your one stop solutions for all of your online marketing needs.

Our organization is flat. Not sort of flat. Not kind of flat, but completely flat. No managers. No managers’ managers. And no managers’ managers’ managers. In today’s rapidly changing environment, our ability to innovate is key to our clients’ differentiation and success. A flat organization means a more organic, responsive and efficient organization where great ideas don’t get lost going up and down the links in a management chain. Welcome to a better world.​​​​​​​

Through a collaborative environment, impromptu shindigs, and quarterly team-building outings (we’re talking weekend-long holiday party, summer day trips to the lake, and annual Crabfest!), we’ve created a culture that is fun, unique, and strong. ​​​​​​

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