Email campaigns often stop after the initial email blast is sent to a targeted lead list as businesses are often unable to track response, validate delivery and correct returned email addresses.

Phase One Enterprise's email campaigns service can provide clients with beginning-to-end follow-through for any email campaign including press releases, event announcements, special offers and newsletter circulation.

Phase One Enterprise's email campaign management service starts with developing contact lists and email lists, especially if the client doesn’t already have either. This is followed by customer database validation including email verification, email and data appending to make the prospect database complete, comprehensive and optimally useful. Optionally, Phase One Enterprise can offer email appending services and data appending services alone as required. Ongoing email list management is also part and parcel of Phase One Enterprise's services.

Phase One Enterprise utilizes special software that allows agents to monitor which prospects have opened the email from the e-mail marketing list as well as which pages of the website the prospects have visited. These powerful email campaign management tools allow Phase One Enterprise's team to determine which specific products or services are of interest to the prospects. We also provide real-time alerts which agents can immediately follow to qualify the prospect as a potential sales lead.

Our dedicated and detail-oriented agents will ensure clients’ e-mail communication reaches the targeted audience, follow-up on responses, validate e-mail addresses, correct returned e-mail addresses and carry out subsequent activities to maximize returns.

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