There are different marketing strategies companies use to attract customers and giving away a professional business card is one of the top and most convenient ways to advertise one’s business. Business cards are the ticket to your businesses bright future and make you memorable in a competitive industry.

A business card presents professional information about your company or an individual. Sharing business cards for a formal introduction has become a part of most companies marketing strategy. A professional business card is a memory aid, to remember a person, his company, and his profession.

Your business cards are in competition with all the other cards that potential customers and investors collect throughout the year. To make sure your cards don’t get thrown out, a good impression matters.

Here at Phase One Enterprise, we offer professional business cards with customizable options. For rectangular business cards, the standard sizes available are 1.5”x3.5”, 2”x2”, 2”x3”, and 2”x3.5”. (For die-cut business cards, the standard sizes available depend on the type of the cut)

Your design will be checked by our prepress team by putting it through a 30 point inspection that covers technical issues such as resolution, artwork dimensions and bleed setup. Our team will make all the necessary changes for your business cards to be print-ready. When your design is completed, we’ll send you a digital proof via e-mail.

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